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Private Clinic

Fees and Forms

WellNurtureMD Fees for HRT Evaluation
and Ongoing Treatment

Many of our services are covered by most private health insurance plans. Services provided by a medical doctor are private pay.

Insurance Pre-Approval / Re-imbursement Form for Submission to Private Insurance Plan.

Initial Hormone Health Assessment –  Billable to many private healthcare plans. Invoices need to be independently submitted to your private health insurance as our billable services are not eligible for direct billing. (see “WellNurtureMD Fees for HRT Evaluation and Ongoing Treatment”).

Laboratory Testing – Fees vary depending on our assessment of presenting symptoms and the panel determined to be most advantageous (see “WellNurtureMD Fees for HRT Evaluation and Ongoing Treatment”).

Vitamin D testing $75.

Educational sessions – contact our administration person with your request she will be happy to prepare a quotation.

Appointment fees with our physician – Initial consultation of $295 and follow up appointments $195. Additional time required with the physician will be billed accordingly. Follow up appointments every 3-6 months are vital until therapeutic effect is achieved. Then annually for recommended duration of HRT at $195 for this visit.