Promoting Wellness – Preserving Health – Protecting Dreams
Private Clinic

With several years of clinical hands on experience, we feel time invested has refined our critical thinking skills.

WellNurtureMD is privately owned and operated, and independently funded. Many of our services are covered by most private health insurance plans. A pre-authorization form can be obtained prior to accessing our services to determine reimbursement eligibility. Services provided by a medical doctor on site are private pay.
Our approach to health assessment arises from an orientation toward wellness and health maintenance. We believe to enjoy true wellness and continuing good health all the interconnected aspects of an individual: physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, social, environmental, financial, and occupational should be examined for limitations that may prevent the enjoyment of healthy living.

We will integrate our experience with conventional medicine with qualifications and skills acquired through registered complementary medicine designation to provide care.  On site, utilizing our critical thinking skills to assess and identify disharmony, orchestrate strategies, coach and empower you… we work with you to achieve your highest attainable state of wellness.

WellNurtureMD does not offer any traditional nursing services at this place of business . Our clients and affiliated colleagues recognize our potential and certainly our passion to make a difference. Should limitations arise we will assume the role of advocate, then pursue the services of a professional that may better facilitate your unmet need. Further expressing our dedication to you in continued healthy progression.