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Promoting Wellness – Preserving Health – Protecting Dreams
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What Our Clients Are Saying...

I will always remember these wonderful ladies at the clinic when I look into my beautiful daughters eyes. Thanks WellNurtureMD Team!

35 years old and a new mother!

I just wanted to take a few minutes today to write to you all to say a great big THANK YOU for helping me get so far in my health journey these past few years!

I am on vacation this week and it’s the BEST vacation I have had in a really long time!! YEARS!!! I have had energy to do things all week!! I’ve gone shopping, went for walks, went to the beach, went to visit my parents, gone out for suppers with friends, and the list goes on!! It’s simply amazing to me because I know that even last summer, even though I felt “better”, I still was not quite where I am today. And 2 summers ago, well forget about it! I didn’t feel like or have the energy to doing anything!! I know the HRT and Synthroid have played a HUGE role in getting me here!! And on top of all that, I am down a total of 57 lbs! This too I am certain would not have happened with you guys!

So THANK YOU ladies for giving me back my life!!

Have a great summer!!


Once again wanted to thank you, all of you!!! Without you I likely would have not been able to get pregnant or stay pregnant… This past Friday she turned 1 and thought I needed to share the excitement with all of you! A picture of her smashing her cupcake! The work you do is invaluable!! Love,

Laura and Family

I am a working mom who has been struggling for the last 7 years with extreme fatigue, great difficulty managing anxiety, constant irritability, amongst other unpleasant symptoms. Knowing that this was not normal for me, I had used all my resources to help identify the source of my problems in an attempt to find a solution. I had utilized psychotherapy, done mindfulness exercises on a daily basis, and visited my family doctor on numerous cases who had run all sorts of tests that showed up inconclusive….…I felt hopeless. In spite of all her dedication, all my doctor could tell me is that we could try a mild anti- depressive medication to see if that could help with my symptoms, but I wasn’t willing to try that. I knew I wasn’t depressed, but something else was going on with me. It wasn’t until I started doing some work with my naturopathic doctor in Fredericton that I figured out my problem was with my hormones. Further work with the WellnurtureMD Clinic in Moncton and the amazing staff there (who conducted thorough testing that helped pinpoint exactly which hormones were unbalanced) gave me a specific natural remedy to ‘fix-it’. In a matter of a few months, I started feeling like myself again and I wish every woman could get to experience what I have and realize that there is a way to feel better – we don’t have to put up with chronic fatigue and multiple PMS problems. The registered naturopaths and medical doctors at the WellNurtureMD Clinic have expertise in hormonal imbalance that unfortunately most family doctors don’t have. The visit was well worth every cent.

38 year old, NBTA member in Fredericton

After suffering from perimenopausal symptoms for several years, I had been reading about bio-identical hormones but was unable to find someone locally that could really perform the hormone tests necessary to get things back in balance. I had seen someone else and tried a few different bio-identical creams based on my symptoms but things still weren’t “right”…When I heard about WellNurtureMD, I jumped at the opportunity to attend one of their free sessions. This is what I had been looking for. After doing the hormone tests, I was prescribed one additional cream – this is what I was missing…The ladies at this center are truly passionate about what they do. It’s all about the patient and about their wellness – you’re not just another number like it is in many other healthcare settings. At one point, my healthcare plan needed special authorization to continue paying for my new cream. The doctors at the WellNurtureMD clinic filled out the paper work needed and my claim was then denied. This did not make any sense. I knew other women that were on the same cream and they were covered. I contacted Louella at the clinic to see what I should do to fight my claim. She got one of the doctors to get involved and they dealt with my healthcare company – at no cost to me. My claim has now been accepted and I am thankful that my plan now pays for all my bio-identical creams. I urge all perimenopausal and menopausal women to go to this clinic! I can’t thank them enough!

C. P., 52, Computer Analyst, Moncton, NB

I was a 55 year old man physically active all my life both at work and in leisure. I started lifting weights in my late teens and throughout my life managed to maintain good strength until my late forties early fifties. Trips to the gym became harder to initiate, the same effort possibly more resulted in diminishing muscle mass along with the arrival of unwanted belly fat. My optimistic outlook and happy go lucky self was suddenly being replaced by a tired, unmotivated grumpy imposter. Sleepless nights became a new experience for someone who used to hit the pillow and never turn over. Sexual activity came less often from lack of engagement I blamed on fatigue. The challenges of hit and miss erections accompanied by poor quality at times created a new set of emotional issues surrounding sex. This is what I reluctantly accepted as the new normal along with a prescription for Viagra, which was an improvement but not the perfect fix especially considering the whopping headache, lobster face and red eyes that normally came with it. Then I met the girls at WellNurtureMD who spoke candidly and very openly about the symptoms of low testosterone. What a life changing day that became!!! Testosterone cream was prescribed by their doctor to correct my low value. My fatigue started to creep away with welcomed energy replacing it, and my mental fog was replaced by that old burning desire to be creative(the old me). What amazes me the most is how we adjust and quickly forget how good feels. My sleep improved, despite the new found energy. My efforts at the gym started to show with my belly decreasing and muscles taking shape again. My cholesterol improved and may have been the new found energy and exercise but the issue is improvement and welcomed at that. Last and most important my sexual function improved to mimic my thirties when these problems never entered the equation. This guy is on the work site ready to go when the whistle blows and the hit and misses are a thing of the miserable past. Yes, the desire also improved with testosterone but desire doesn’t help when dysfunction vitos it. The increased sensation and intensity are additional bonuses. My message through testimonial is don’t settle for less when there are options to explore. I have learned that stress in my life, as most of us have, can affect the rate of naturally declining testosterone levels and who knows this?…………..the professional, caring staff @ WellNurtureMD as I have come to learn.

56 year old – Entrepreneur, Moncton N.B.

I am a 61 year old woman whose long road dealing with the effects of hormone loss began in 1987 after a tubal ligation performed immediately after the birth of my twins. At that time there was no information available, or I wasn’t made aware of it if there was, as to the fact that the ovaries, or in my case ovary (one was removed at the age of 23) stop producing hormones after the procedure. With a 22 month old and newborn twins to care for, I started having hot flashes, night sweats and insomnia which quickly lead to terrible mood swings, chronic fatigue and depression. When I approached my family doctor with my symptoms expressing that I thought I had gone into menopause, I was told I was too young for that and it was just because I had recently given birth. I was assured that things would return to normal. Well it didn’t I just plunged deeper into the despair. To try to preserve some of my sanity I saw a Psychologist which at least gave me an outlet and some tools to cope with what was happening to me. Six years later, trying to hold down a full time job and by that time raise the children on my own I told my doctor I couldn’t handle things anymore, it wasn’t fair to me and especially not fair to my children. He finally sent me to a FEMALE Gynecologist who said ‘My God you never should have had to go through that’ and she promptly prescribed Premarin & Provera (by then my periods were close to non-existent). She told me all the side effects and what data there was on the products and I told her I wanted quality of life not quantity of life. I now know that the Bio-identical Hormones are a better choice of therapy but boy I’ll tell you how magnificent it was to finally feel normal again. I will never regret that choice. Upon moving to New Brunswick in 2001 I was informed that I had been on Premarin & Provera too long and I would be switched to Estrace and Prometrium but when I did some research I found that they had similar side effects as the others and no guarantee they would do the same job so I refused and was reluctantly given my old prescriptions. By the end of 2003 I agreed to go off all hormone therapy to see how things would go. By June I was a basket case so the doctor prescribed Premarin 1.25mg for 4 days to bring my estrogen level back up which was another rollercoaster ride I never wish to take again and then I was put on a ½ dose of the 0.625mg of Premarin and 1/2dose of 1.25mg Provera. That helped a little but not much. I had been struggling with depression, low self-esteem, chronic fatigue, mood swings, weight gain and feelings of being suicidal up until last year when I got in touch with WellNurtureMD Clinic. I was very skeptical of something I had only heard about on Oprah and I do not like to buy into FADS. So I ordered books written by reputable doctors who explained the research into Bio-identical Hormones and the benefits of this therapy and drew my own conclusions. I attempted to approach my doctor with this information but the door was closed. I decided to take my life back and made an appointment with WellNurtureMD Clinic. I am one of the lucky ones that have private insurance which helped with some of the initial cost of testing to see where my hormone levels were at, they were all extremely low and one was a negative, without insurance it is a lot to have to pay. If my children were still young I never could have afforded it. Without the doctors at WellNurtureMD that have further-educated themselves and recognize that Bio-identical Hormone Therapy works for people, men & women, I don’t know where I would be at today. I have been on Bio-identicals for 8 months now and it took up until the 7th month to really feel free of the synthetic hormones (it is a process to say the least- my advice is hang in there) but now I feel really confident that I am on the road to healing and I deserve and I believe it is my right to live a healthy and sane life. I am worth it. (as are you) There is no reason why this service has to involve fee for service because the doctor’s visit isn’t covered by healthcare. We should not be denied this help because we cannot afford to pay the fee. I truly hope Medicare will recognize the importance of supporting this service. Thank you to the Health Care Professionals at WellNurtureMD Clinic for being bold enough to put themselves out there and dare to make a difference.

M. Goodwin, 61

I was heading toward 8 years of suffering from hot flashes and night sweats when my sister told me about WellNurtureMD. In the run of a day I would have 12-15 hot flashes, my face would turn red & sweaty and I would feel anxious with each and every one! Not fun! I work in an office and have meetings with clients throughout the day and needed a fan blowing in my face to try to counter the effects of the flashes. My first meeting with WellNurtureMD was very pleasant, the girls made me feel very welcomed and put me instantly at ease. Walking out of their office I felt confident that they could help me and that Bio- identical hormones were safe and that this would give me my life back. It has been 8 months since my first meeting with Karen and I have not had a hot flash for about a month or so?? It’s funny, the hot flashes were totally consuming during the years I had them…now they are just a memory (not a good one:-)) I do get a bit warm once in a while, but doesn’t everyone? I would recommend that if you are dealing with menopause and it’s many symptoms that you should give them a call, they can help.

W. M., 57, Financial Advisor, St. George, NB

Nine months ago my doctor suggested I go on anti-depressants; I went to see her because I was lost. Where did I go? Where was the happy, energetic, spontaneous woman I use to be? I left my doctors office unnerved. Is this what it came down to? Medication for depression? Was I really depressed? I decided I wasn’t ready to go down that road – I needed to check out alternatives to anti-depressants. I started taking vitamin supplements, and exercising more; but after three months it wasn’t enough. That’s when I found the WellNurtureMD Clinic with Louella and Karen. I went to one of their information sessions and everything they discussed made sense for me; what I was experiencing physically and emotionally, these were symptoms of hormonal imbalance. I went to the WellNurtureMD clinic, had blood work done and found out my hormonal levels were low. I was prescribed and began administering progesterone cream. I would have to say I noticed a difference in two weeks, and as time went on I began to feel better and better. It’s been six months and I have found the old me again. The old me, and a better me. Run, skip, walk, haul yourself off the couch and go see these ladies. Life as you know it will change, for the better.

J. K., 50, Office Administrator, Moncton, NB

It is long overdue for the women of New Brunswick to have access, and the choice to use natural alternatives to treating menopause. I had been using a synthetic hormone gel, and the WellNurture testing I had done showed that my estrogen levels were through the roof. This explained all the symptoms I had been experiencing. I thought that this was what I had to live with to manage my symptoms. The bio-identical hormones, estradiol and progesterone creams helped to balance my hormone levels and has given me back my sanity!

R. S., 51, Marketing Director, Moncton NB

After experiencing many symptoms of menopause for 1 1/2 years, I was very happy to hear WellNurtureMD Clinic in Moncton was offering Natural (Bio -identical) hormones. After attending the free information session they offer I knew this was something I wanted to try. Unlike synthetic hormones, bio-identical hormones are biologically identical to the hormones naturally produced in the body, not only do they help restore your bodies naturally declining levels they also provide many health benefits like protection against heart disease, osteoporosis among others. My blood work came back like I expected, my estrogen and progesterone levels were very low, my cortisol level very high. Within 2 weeks of starting Progesterone cream and Biest (estrogen) cream I started to see a difference, by 3 months I had more energy, was sleeping much better, no more night sweats, I felt less stressed and the dreaded hot flashes were pretty much a memory. I now only very rarely have any. My repeat blood levels were all within normal range! Presently at 7 months, I continue to feel wonderful, and know this was the right choice for me. Lastly, the saying” goes above and beyond”…best describes the staff at Wellnurture, their passion and love of what they do is very evident. I am very grateful that this specialized clinic is in Moncton!

J. P., 52, Registered Nurse, Moncton, NB

Hi Girls, “the word is out” that WellNurtureMD and their very compassionate staff are dedicated to promoting women’s health and wellness on an individual and personalized basis that is invaluable. After my first visit to your clinic last fall I told friends how, even while waiting for my appointment in your beautiful and soothing waiting area, I felt like a giant hug was wrapped around me, and this feeling only grew with each of my consultations. Your caring and compassion has meant the world to me and helped me regain a sense of balance and “sanity” in my life, and I am sure I am not alone in this. So, thank you for all you do, we your clients are so very grateful.

C. P. 53, RHN, Moncton N.B.

My first experience at WellnurtureMD was through a massage with Chantal. Little did I know, this would be a start of an amazing journey with the entire team of girls. My husband and I had made the decision that we wanted to have children. After over 10 years on birth control, I stopped taking it and I was hopeful that we would get pregnant soon. After 20 weeks of having no periods, I went to the doctor and they said it could take time for birth control to exit your body. The next cycle was 35 weeks. I knew something was abnormal. I had no energy, felt anxious and worst of all, I thought we would never be able to have children. At one of my massages, Chantal told me about Louella and the team. I called on a whim to see if they have ever helped a 27 year old with a possible hormone imbalance. When I spoke to Heather on the phone, I immediately felt at ease. She explained the whole process and the cost of everything before I even committed to meeting them. In September 2014, I had my first appointment. Within 30 minutes with Louella, she said this was probably a case of low progesterone which can be rectified with a prescription cream. I also learned that if I would of become pregnant, my low progesterone levels may not have sustained a pregnancy. Also, progesterone is your “happy hormone”- which would explain all my symptoms. I could not believe it would be this simple. I was happily surprised that they had seen this before and these girls had healthy pregnancies. A blood test confirmed exactly this. My levels were the lowest they had seen. I started a progesterone cream and started feeling like myself again within weeks!! Dr Belliveau- told me “Give me 3 months” and you shouldn’t have any problems getting pregnant. I had complete faith in them. In January 2015, I could not believe we had a positive pregnancy test!! So much so that I went to see Louella before telling my husband since I could not believe it. They we’re so excited for us! I had a completely healthy pregnancy. They followed me, re-assured me for 9 months to ensure everything went well. Karen & Louella would call me to see how I was feeling. In October, our perfect baby girl was born. We are forever grateful to these ladies. We now make regular visits with the baby. We cannot recommend these special ladies enough, true angels.

M. M., 28 years old, Dieppe

As spring temperature starts to show itself, it reminds me that I have been a client of WellnurtureMD for two years. A simple THANK YOU never seems enough to express my gratitude for all of the staff’s help and expertise in Women’s Health and Hormonal issues. I continue to promote their services every chance I get so that others can benefit from their services and WellnurtureMD can continue to provide this much needed service in the area.

Janice G., Dieppe, NB

Since 2010 Derick and I have tried to start a family. We have lost 5 of our babies. One of them being an ectopic pregnancy where in emergency they had to remove one of my fallopian tubes. I am a mother who has lost five of my children and finally blessed with our miracle. We did tests after tests at the hospital. Only to find them all coming back fine. I had extremely low progesterone that WellNurture clinic found and prescribed cream for. Normal progesterone from Doctors did not work we tried it in the past, because tests and prescriptions from hospital are different then what WellNurture does. Within the first 2 weeks of starting the progesterone cream I became pregnant and sustained that pregnancy. The amazing women at the clinic did everything possible to keep me at ease and not worry about a thing. I can’t express enough how much these beautiful women have changed my life and I will forever be grateful for everything they do.

Amanda H. and Family

I have been a client of WellNurture MD since 2015. I was 50 at the time… I had written a testimonial in 2017 to express my gratitude for this service. Now in 2020, I feel I need to talk about the consistency in follow up care. Amazing, consistent, knowledgeable and a continued respect for their long term clients. Mapleton Pharmacy pharmacists and staff always take to time to answer questions and address concerns.

I truly believe that WellNurture MD in conjunction with my compliance to treatment gave me my life back.

Janice G.

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